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Welcome to Epernay Bridal blog...

Hi to all our This Is The One readers!

Welcome to our first blog post, the first of many :) Today we are excited to share our journey so far… let us introduce ourselves and take you back to the start.

We’re sure many people can relate to that feeling and sudden urge for a career change, where one day you walk into work and realise you need a fresh start. It just so happens that we were both feeling the same and confided in each other and discovered a united desire to one day own our own business.

Surprisingly this dream wasn’t endless empty wishes over lunches at Pret tucking into our tuna baguettes, salt & vinegar crisps, a standard choice! We knew we HAD to start our search to make our dream become our new reality.

As the popular saying goes, ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and this rang true for us, and it's not often lucky things happen to either of us!!! Judith's husband just so happened to know that a friend of a friend was selling her bridal store (what are the chances of that right??!!!!) We were super excited and contacted the owner immediately to make arrangements to view the bridal boutique.

We arrived on a glorious Sunday morning in July, pulled up in our cars outside the shop and what hit us was an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Walking up the path getting closer to the entrance and meeting the owner was an unforgettable moment; we knew instantly we wanted the bridal business and felt ultimately ready for our new challenge.

September arrived and with our shop keys jingling in our hands, we ran to our new boutique, bursting through the door as the new owners of Epernay Bridal. Our cheeks hurt from our ear to ear smiles and butterflies fluttered in our stomachs. That’s when the childlike jumps for joy in the middle of OUR bridal shop floor happened!!!!

We feel SO grateful and appreciative, because that moment of pure fulfillment is repeated everyday when arriving for ‘work’.

Each and every bride we have had the pleasure to meet so far have been individual, memorable and special in their own way. From their stories to their smiles, to the laughter shared and glances exchanged each bring their own uniqueness. A uniqueness that we will never forget.

Fast approaching the end of our marvellous (but eventful to say the least!) first year, we anticipate with bundles of excitement, what the future holds!

We look forward to welcoming every bride and their guests to our beautiful boutique and helping them search for their dream wedding gown.


Judith & Laurie


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