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Coronavirus Strategy.

We hope by displaying our COVID-19 strategy that we put your mind at ease when thinking about booking an appointment at Epernay Bridal. Knowing our strategy (we hope) will make you feel safe and most importantly, excited to attend all your bridal appointments.


We want to ensure all our guests that we are adhering to all the guidelines that have been issued by the Government and that our beautiful boutique will be a safe environment to visit.

What will still be an enjoyable experience, there will be a couple of changes and a new way of working has been developed to keep everyone safe.

1-Risk Assessments

A full risk assessment has been completed following the guidelines found on the HM Government website.

2-Handwashing & Cleaning.

Guests will be welcomed, as always, upon arrival by Judith & Laurie who will be holding the door, eliminating the need to touch the door. Touchless hand sanitizer stations are located by the entrance, dressing room, and bathroom. Customers will be invited to use immediately upon arriving. After each appointment, a thorough deep clean will take place involving wiping all surfaces with antibacterial sprays. To anyone worried about the virus clinging to materials and fabrics, we have added a brilliant piece of equipment called a Fogging Machine, this will be used in-between each appointment killing viruses within five minutes. Instead of the previous half-hour delay time in-between appointments, we have increased this to one hour to allow plenty of time to prepare for our next guests.

3-Social Distancing.

Following Government guidelines, strategies will be put in place to reduce the number of people each person has contact with. This requirement leaves us with no choice but to limit the number of guests to three (bride included). Please think carefully about who the best people will be to bring to your exclusive appointment. This doesn't mean your nearest & dearest will miss out, as we can set up a Zoom call. That way the people closest to you can be involved in the fun and decision making. Please let us know in advance so we can have this ready for you to enjoy. The 2M rule will be maintained wherever possible and as an option, to reduce contact with gowns please check out our 'Dressing Room' story on Instagram as it showcases some of the dresses we stock permanently.

Choosing Your Dresses

  • You can select a maximum of five dresses you think you would like to try on prior to your appointment. Send us a message and we will have the dresses ready and waiting for you in the dressing room. 

  • Alternatively, you can turn up on the day and choose your dresses over the course of your 90-minute appointment.

We hope this has offered you a little peace of mind and installed some faith and confidence when thinking about booking an appointment at Epernay Bridal. Our 'new way of working' will not affect your experience, we will have so much fun, there will be huge amounts of laughter, possibly tears, but tears of joy and happiness. Our commitment hasn't changed, we will be there for you every step of the way, helping you find your dream dress and say those four important words This Is The One!



Judith & Laurie 

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